As they all say, the hardest part of anything is how to begin (like when you build a website). And nowhere is this truer than in poetry. With all the resources that you can choose from, with the many options you have in terms of how you can possibly make the gem of an insight come alive in your writing, it’s quite understandable for you to not really know what to say or how to say it. Still, it would never hurt to try (which, obviously, is another cliche). Hence, here are a few tips you (and other website visitors) might want to follow, if your struggle is the struggle to start.


The first thing you need to do is to do some writing exercises.


And no, no one’s talking about practicing your penmanship and making sure it’s readable. While that is, of course, important, that cannot constitute a priority in your poetry. The more important kind of writing exercise is in making sure that you get to write out your thoughts and ideas as much as you can. One way to do this is to create word associations. You can begin with a phrase, for instance, ‘her blue eyes’, and then write out all the associations and descriptions you can think of.




Get inspiration from your environment.


If you like looking around you and constructing your poetry from there, it might be a good idea to go visit some wonderful view or scenery. As you look around you, try to see whatever it is that grabs your attention, and then you can work your way from there. Remember that nothing is too ordinary as to be unable to give inspiration.




Choose your theme carefully.


If you listen to some good poets, you’ll discover that there are some themes that are more common place than others. In being commonplace, these themes might be a little too risky to write about, if you need your poem to actually say something that hasn’t already been said before. Thus, it would be great to pick out a theme that is not just meaningful, but also something that is not too used and abused. (Ooh, that actually rhymed.)