Why It’s Good to Write Poetry

Poetry is perhaps one of the most common ways by which human beings express themselves. You probably remember those times from your late childhood, or even your adolescent, puberty stage, where the only way you knew to let your crush know about how you felt was through writing those cheesy lines that always seemed to rhyme at the end. Of course, you might like to tell yourself that you’re all grown up now, and that you no longer have much use for poetry, but the truth still stands: poetry will never lose its place in human life, much less in human civilization.



In the end, then, to begin the practice of poetry is something that will truly prove to be worthwhile, whether you admit it to yourself or not. (And yes, while you’re at it, why don’t you try to build a website out of your blog?) So, without much ado, here are some very good reasons as to why you should begin to write poetry.


Reason #1: It’s good for the brain.


Yes, you can learn this from your favorite tech blog on poetry: writing those poems and structuring those rhymes indeed help in extracting all that brain juice. There is just something undeniably challenging about figuring out what metaphor you’re supposed to use to talk about her smile, his stride, or the many great days you’ve been having lately. There is something intellectually stimulating about making sure that there is not a line or an adjective out of place. So yes, writing poems can make you much smarter than you used to be.



Reason #2: It’s a great opportunity for self-therapy and healing.


You’ve heard the story before. A friend of yours recently got himself into a bad breakup. You try your hardest to cheer him up, to make him feel better. Apparently, however, there is just one simple thing that your friend wants to do, and that is to write a poem about the whole heartbreaking experience. So yes, there is something therapeutic about the sense of release that you get from writing a (very expressive) poem.


Reason #3: You get to open yourself up to the opportunities of building deeper relationships.


What is it that happens when you write a poem? Well, for one thing, you get to express yourself in a message, expressed in a poem. However, as any communicative dynamic would have it, any message entails a receiver. In the case of poetry, if the receiver is someone who resonates with your message, with whatever it is that you’re sayin through your poem, then that in itself becomes a rich source of relationship building.


In the end, writing a poem may at times feel like it is an intimidating act. You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t really fit the mold of a poet. But here’s the thing. As long as you have thoughts and feelings and you have the capacity to bring them to life, then, that in itself is poetry.


  1. Jason - Reply

    Poetry is still a good place to start honing your writing skills. Most writers start with poetry writing as an expression of their deepest thoughts.

  2. Ramon - Reply

    Do you have any suggestions for composing write-ups? That’s where I constantly
    struggle and I just end up staring vacant display for very long time.

  3. Gemma - Reply

    Poetry is the most soulful of all writing forms. Many people can write stories, but not poetry.

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